Courses and Prices

The Tiger Course, 2560 yards, Par 34, White Tees

A challenge that the experienced golfer will relish and the causal golfer will want to rise to. ‘The Tiger’ tees off with a beguiling 4,4,3,3, approach up to the 5th hole, followed by a quirky 5,3,5 sequence and a deceptive 4,3 finish. The last hole is a real beauty and we promise you that it will take more than one round – and a few roars – at this whimsical 2560 yard course before the spectacular tee position of the last stops being a distraction…or an excuse.

Tiger Scorcard

The Pussycat Course, 1800 yards, Par 31, Yellow Tees

The 1800 yard long Pussycat course is primarily designed with game improvement in mind, without the second Par 5 of the Tiger. It will, however, still challenge the longest of hitters with one par 5, two par 4’s and the rest par 3’s. Same hazards, same spectacular views, same frustrations, just mixed up a bit. Don’t be lulled into a false sense of security by the name.

Pussycat Scorecard

The Kittycat Course, 1320 yards, Par 28, Blue Tees

We’ve had many requests to create a Par 3 course and here it is: the Kittycat within the Tiger. This course is ideal for beginners, for short game improvement, and for family and friends to simply enjoy a fun game of golf. There are no hazards to reach the fairways and concurrent play is available on the Pussycat and Kittycat courses, so there’s no need to worry about holding ‘the pros’ up.

Kittycat Scorecard

Driving Range

Let’s be honest, we could all do with improving and perfecting our long-game. Our mobile four bay driving shelter, the first of its kind in Scotland, has a range which allows even the mightiest of hitters to flex their muscles. We provide top-quality golf balls too, so any shanks or slices will have to be put down to prevailing winds.

The Loch of Aboyne Golf Course is open to non-residents and non-members. Please contact us to check availability and to book a tee-off time. We also offer Golf Vouchers if you would like to treat someone special to a round of golf on one of the finest 9 hole golf courses in Royal Deeside.