Leisure & Relaxation

Lack of motivation is usually what people cite as their reason not to visit a leisure facility. Who would blame them?  Who could get all fired up over running on the spot staring at a blank wall or a TV or sitting in an over-chlorinated Jacuzzi at the side of a noisy, splashy pool. Motivation would never be a problem at The LODGE on the Loch Leisure Facilities.
To complement our Therapeutic and Holistic Treatments at Reflect Spa we offer our resident guests a range of Leisure Facilities to assist you on a journey into TOTAL RELAXATION.
Here you can leave the stresses of your everyday life behind you and really GAFIA (get away from it all). Enter into a unique world of nurturing inner beauty, a place of unquantifiable rejuvenation, in a unique location akin to Heaven on Earth and experience Pure Scottish Tranquillity and Time Out at The Lodge on the Loch.
Hot Tub, Sauna and Cold Plunge Pool. (Complementary to resident guests)
The state-of-the-art Hot Tub, located on the terrace overlooks Aboyne Loch and beyond to the mountains and there is literally nothing between it and the loch.  Sinking into it almost feels like sinking into the loch … but hotter and with bubbles.
The Sauna and Cold Plunge Pool offer a combination of extreme thermal therapeutic experiences that assist in body detoxification and relaxation. We cannot guarantee a roll in the snow, but we think you will agree that this experience comes a close second.
Relaxation Area. (Complementary for Spa treatment Guests)
After an exhilarating Sauna or a relaxing therapeutic Spa Treatment, what better way to chill out is there, but to spend quality time on our curved memory foam recliner rattan beds, totally relaxing or perhaps catching up with your close friends or family on the days events, and reflecting on what the future may bring. Our Relaxation Area, boasts the finest views of any such facility in the North East of Scotland.
Also available in the Spa Treatment room is a Korean “Migun” Therapeutic Massage bed which can be used to tonify and relax the body, before or after a massage treatment.
Hammam Room. (complementary on the Luxury Spa Package)
Borrowing from Eastern influences, the Hammam room (Arabic for ‘Silent Doctor’) boasts a Monsoon Shower with stream unit, a Japanese deep soaking tub and a private Finnish Sauna.